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Topsheet MaterialsThere were a few people that said that they wanted to play a game that they learned in the United Kingdom last year. I am in a sorority and there were a few people that said that they wanted to learn how to play a new type of game, I was so excited. My friends started to play the hook and ring game where they were able to teach it to us and we added our own spins on it since we are part of a huge sorority, we had to make little adjustments here and there.

Ideas for Employee Service Awards

Many employers want to recognize their employees for jobs well done or for time workers devote to their jobs. When they want to honor workers, business owners and managers may wonder about what would make for good employee service awards. Consider many items for these honors that will be valuable to their employees.

Use smaller tokens for employees who have recently begun working for a company. Many company executives give these workers engraved pins with the company’s logo or a special badge to wear upon their clothing. While smaller, these tokens also show the gratitude of managers and business owners.

Retiring workers might expect bigger rewards. They may have their years with the company rewarded by a trophy engraved with their name and years of service. Likewise, they also could expect service pins or badges as well. Recognize these individuals at special ceremonies attended by their superiors and coworkers.

Also, reward people for their time years of service. Employers may present individuals with gift cards for company services if they work for a retailer or restaurant. Likewise, employers may also give their staff cash awards to their paychecks. Employees always appreciate cash rewards because they can use the money for their families or for any other desired purchase.

Use vacation vouchers for longtime staff members. When a person has worked for a company for a long time, he or she might have forgone personal pleasures and recreational pursuits. Their company may reward them with a voucher to go on vacation to an exotic or fun location. Reserve these awards for those who have worked for longer than ten years at a business.

Many employees value financial compensation, however, and thus appreciate having their wages or salaries increased to acknowledge their time with companies. Many managers and owners arrange for people to get raises around their employment anniversary dates. Raises and extra compensation support people who can use the extra money for their families.

When people retire, their employers might reward them with a symbol of appreciation that can be valued during their retirement. Many companies give retiring employees silver or gold watches as thanks for their devotion to their employer. The watch serves to remind them that they held an important position in a company and that their superiors valued their employment. Sometimes people save these watches to wear on special occasions or as heirlooms to be passed on to future generations of their family.

Owners may wonder what they can give for employee service awards. Most business persons prefer to give out tokens that are useful and can be valued for some time. Others give out raises and extra compensation to show their thanks. Individuals retiring from a position might get gold or silver watches worn for special occasions.

Creating a Positive Work Environment by Managing Time Off